road near mt kenya

road near mt kenya

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2 Responses to road near mt kenya

  1. Wow! Great highway, named after the small town of Thika!

  2. Shane and Carlos says:

    Jambo Gizele!! How beautiful that you are back in your hometown. I remember when Mum and Dad went back they to mentioned how much Nairobi had changed, but how the beauty of Kenya was the same. We can’t wait to make that visit… And with our new little bundle of joy. When you get back, you’ll get to meet Gael (guy-el) Alonso Garza, born on March 18th at 3:08 am. He’s wonderful Gizele, and we cent wait for you to meet him. He’s going to LOVE storytime with Aunty Gizele!!! You have the best adventures to entertain him
    !!! Lots of love and blessings for a wonderful Easter!!

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