life is to be lived….

And so, with huge amounts of help from friends and loads of support from my Dad, I returned to finish the trip. Life. A crazy gift to us all.

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21 Responses to life is to be lived….

  1. karl tuira says:

    Magnificent !! and what a momento to your mother – and dad – A fitting ending to a special journey

  2. Bob Pearson says:

    At a Girl. Great finish to an amazing journey. Enjoy your time in South Africa. So very hard to believe that you have peddle the whole length of the continent. Wwhhoott wwhhoott. Great photo. Looking forward to seeing the pictures and hearing the stories. Love the photo. Bob

  3. Seva Canada says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We at Seva Canada admire your strength, courage and endurance to complete such an epic ride. Thank you for fundraising for Seva and raising money to give the power of sight to Africans in need and allowing us to be a part of your journey.

  4. tomvoss says:

    Inspirational! For several months I have eagerly anticipated your blog updates and lived vicariously through you. I hope you will regale us with the details of the final chapter. Congratulations! This is a stunning achievement!

    Tom Voss

  5. jamietsff says:

    CONGRATULATIONS…you needed to do that:-)

  6. Tess says:

    Congrats Gizele!!!! So happy you were able to continue your journey!!!! XOX, Tess

  7. John and Vanda Cooper says:

    Congratulations well done.
    Aunty Vanda,Uncle John and Adam

  8. denisecoburn says:

    so glad you did Gizele
    Congrats to you !!!!

  9. Alpal says:

    Sweet !
    I imagine riding around at home will seem boring now.
    And whats with the UFO in the picture ?

  10. Shane and Carlos says:

    OMG!!!! I logged onto your blog to see if you had managed to upload the promised Botswana photos… YOU WENT BACK!!! Gizele- you are truly an incredible woman. We are so proud of you for finishing your trip. What a testament to the passage ‘I can do all things through God who strengthens me’. Thank you Gizele. I’m actually in tears right now. Amazing!!!! You are going to have amazing adventures to tell our little Gael!!!!

  11. Jacque says:

    Way to go my dear friend and neighbour! We saw a beautiful Baltimore Oriole in the garden this afternoon. It was on an incredible Spring migration to Its new home, part of a courageous path to continue the seasonal journey his ancestors have done many a time before. It had the most beautiful song. You are one in a million! Your perseverance will reward you beyond all expectations!
    With much love
    David and J.

  12. Inge says:

    Hi Gizele,
    I suddenly saw your photo turning up on Facebook again and realised that you returned to finish TDA! I was surprised, and I checked with some other riders and indeed… you were back on track! Great! Congratulations on finishing this epic trip!

  13. Prof Terry Price says:

    Well done Gizele, A proud achievement even greater with the difficulties you faced with mum’s passing. .Dad mentioned to me you had gone back to finish the ride .
    Lots of love
    Aunty Beverley and Uncle Terry and your Melbourne cousins

  14. Laura Spencer says:

    Congratulations!!!! Wow, you’re incredible. Thank you so much for raising money to restore sight to hundreds of people through your courageous adventure. I hope you get a chance to relax and relish in what you’ve accomplished.

  15. vermeulen says:

    Gizele, Thank you for posting your blog and letting some of strangers follow along. Well done. I am registered for TDA2013 and enjoyed following vicariously from your and other blogs as well as anticipate my own trip. My sympathies with your mother.

  16. Dr. Karen Moosbrugger says:

    As a Seva Canada board member I can assure you that your huge effort and accomplishment will reach so many people and change so many lives. The world is a better place because of you and now more people will be able to see what a wonderful place it is. Thank you.

  17. What an achievement, Gizele! All of us at Seva Canada have been watching your trip in awe of your determination and good will. Thanks so much for your extraordinary generosity in choosing Seva Canada as your charity. Countless numbers of adults and children will have their sight restored because of your gift and the publicity for Seva as a result of your ride. I hope to meet you in person someday! warmest regards, Nancy Mortifee, Seva Canada Board Chair

  18. Reynah Pereira says:

    Woke jup this morning and Thought I will call Marilia. But it’s not to be. Trust you are enjoying Cape Town and South Afrisa best always. Reynah.

  19. Just checked into your site and wonderfully surprised and gladdened that you completed your odyssey, well done Gizele, your mum is looking down on you.

  20. Lisa says:

    FANTASTIC GIZELE – Please know your New Zealand fan club were right behind you!! Your mum will be SO proud….and your dad… Kia Kaha from down under!!

  21. Renata Kupresak says:

    Congratulations Gizele!!! I’m sure finishing the trip felt good, even thought it was a bit bitter sweet moment for you. You did amazing!

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