About my fundraising

While I love to travel, and explore, and ride my bike, there was something missing from this trip when I started to plan for it.  Then, one sunny Saturday morning at my parent’s breakfast table, my Dad slipped me the newspaper and pointed out an article on Kenya.  The story was about a Canadian eye surgeon, Dr. Matthew Bujak, who had volunteered his time at a clinic in rural Kenya, restoring sight to numerous people by performing cataract surgeries. Each procedure took a mere 10 minutes and cost about $20.  Twenty dollars.  That is only four lattes at my local S-bucks!!!

The article went on to state that the restoration of sight is one of the most cost effective ways of empowering people in the developing world.  From the moment I finished reading that article, my ride finally had meaning. When Dr. Bujak was asked about the countless number of hours he worked at the eye clinic, this was his response:  “It is not why do I do this, it’s why wouldn’t I do this?”

I found myself mentally echoing some of Dr. Bujak’s words: Why wouldn’t I do this….why wouldn’t I use this bike ride as a way to fundraise for cataract operations in Africa?  Can you imagine never seeing the smile of a little child again…or a sunrise…or the ocean…or a twinkle of the eye…the list is infinite.

So, that is the genesis of how I came to fundraise for Seva Canada.  If you have it in your heart, please help my fundraising efforts by going to my donor page at:   http://bit.ly/Cairo2Capetown4Sight

You will not regret it, I promise.


2 Responses to About my fundraising

  1. bill vigars says:

    Hi there, I am a friend of Tom Voss in Vancouver.

    Horrible question to ask at this point of the journey, but do you have an estimated arrival date for Capetown?

    My son-in-law and grandson are there. 13 year old grandson is an actor, shooting a british tv series there until the end of april.

    If they still are around, we were thinking that they might be able to arrange some type of reception.

    when son in law is not sitting around for three months twittling his thumbs, he is in the pr/film biz here.

    not sure if schedule will meld, but thought I would ask.

    • jonah2africa says:

      Hi Bill..thanks for your interest and I would love to meet your son-in-law and grandson! I am due to arrive in Capetown around the 12th of May. Does that work? More info on my schedule can be found on the Tour d’Afrique website. Cheers.

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