About the Ride

Here is the map of the ride.  As of October, it looks like there will be about 40 people from all over the world daring  (crazy?) enough to do it.  We will be camping along the way and riding on roads, sand, gravel, lava rock and mud.  The average riding distance per day is around 130km, with longest day projected to be 200km in length.


3 Responses to About the Ride

  1. Marilia says:

    It’s been a wise idea to “train” and put some Kms on Jonah. To many Africa is just another continent – what they don’t appreciate is the size of it, the variety of terrain, weather, and most of all the many, many tribes, races, etc. that call it home. Lucky are those who get a chance to experience even a little of this vast mass of land – you are one of them, you are blessed.

    • Vicky Villella (Roefaro) says:

      OK…just as I’m going through your blog, the Hail Mary prayer comes over the PA. I’m taking this as a good sign and a blessing. God knows there must be dozens of blessings coming your way daily! It is now period 4, the last week of classes before the semester winds down. Everytime I complain about all the marking, I’m just going to think of your ride and how there’s no way I could survive! You are AMAZING!!! We’re all rooting for you! Be safe! Have fun! Love Vicky V.

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