About Me and Jonah

Me:  A teacher on leave from Holy Name of Mary Secondary School..and a wanderer at              heart.  And yes, I do miss all of you, students and teachers, at HNM!

Jonah:  My handsome little bicycle, that will carry me over the 12 000km journey from                  Cairo to Cape Town.  Jonah is named after the story of Jonah and the Whale.


8 Responses to About Me and Jonah

  1. Ann BG says:

    Wonderful name for your bike! Will we get to see him?

  2. Laura Coulson says:

    Laura says . . .
    I am so excited for you!

  3. Carla says:

    Hi Gizele – I’m a fellow TDA 2012 rider. Looking forward to meeting you in Cairo and experiencing the following four months together! Love your fundraising – excellent job!

    • jonah2africa says:

      Thanks Carla! Hard to believe it is only two months away…I keep having to take deep breaths to stay calm. You are also doing fantastic fundraising work. I wish you well as it progresses…hugs back to you too!

  4. Brian Cotter says:

    Dear Giselle:

    So nice to meet you last night at the Tour d’Afrique book launch. I love your BLOG! Roger and I appreciate the help you and Sharon will give us voicing our teaser for the film we want to do on Tour d’Afrique. We’re all set for Thursday AM and look forward to your insights. Shoot me an email when you get a chance. Cheers


  5. Denise Coburn says:

    Hi Gizelle

    Denise Coburn here will be followiing your blog as well as my sister Bevs tweet
    the very best of luck to you and have a wonderful time

    • jonah2africa says:

      Thanks, Denise! Your sister looks like she is racing shape, as strong as she was in Hawaii Ironman. It is likely her tweets will be much more frequent than my blog posts, but thanks for following nonetheless!

  6. Gizele, I have been following your amazing journey thanks to Tom Vos ( a mutual friend) who has been forwarding your blogs.

    Clearly you are a principled woman of substance; one who walks the talk, and a remarkable role model and inspiration for folks everywhere. As a teacher I’m sure you will have many opportunities to leave life long impressions on your fortunate students. This vexed planet of ours needs more people like you! My condolences with the passing of your mom.

    Much respect,

    Henri Ferguson

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